Training resources to improve your digital language teaching

Explore the resources, lesson plansĀ and courses and give us your feedback on which you like and which need improving. We’ll create more of the resources you like the most!


Resources to help you improve your confidence in teaching with digital. FAQ pages, quizzes, screencasts, templates and more. Resources usually take between 5 and 15 minutes to complete.

Lesson Plans

Use our lesson plans to help improve your digital skills. The lesson plans are clearly set out and link to resources and materials to guide you through the process of teaching with digital. To prepare a lesson for your class will take around 20 minutes.


Courses are longer sessions of study made up of lessons, quizzes and practical activities that you can do with your learners. Each course will take around an hour to complete.

Explore the Digital Framework

All our training resources are linked to and informed by the Cambridge English Digital Framework. The Framework is made up of specific components, grouped into six categories to help you find your way around more easily. Explore the framework overview, read more about the components that interest you and assess your level.

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